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McCloonans Boys Annie OHaegan

McCloonans Boys

Annie OHaegan

Kindle Edition
268 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The citizens of McCloonan believe that Ms. Libby is their matron of charity and goodness, but there is something very disturbing about her three young foster boys. Only the middle school principal and the school nurse suspect that there is something sinister happening in Ms. Libbys home.The foster boys are trapped in a cycle of abuse they cannot report without bringing more harm to themselves, and must figure out a way to expose Ms. Libby and her terrible secrets.McCloonans Boys is a story of three children who must outsmart the adults in their lives to protect each other and unshroud the psychotic woman who has everyone fooled. It is the story of bravery, wits, and the incredible bond that develops between helpless victims of abuse.